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By Horatio Alger, Jr.
"The Cash Boy," by Horatio Alger, Jr., as the name implies, is a story
about a boy and for boys.
Through some conspiracy, the hero of the story when a baby, was taken
from his relatives and given into the care of a kind woman.
Not knowing his name, she gave him her husband's name, Frank Fowler.
She had one little daughter, Grace, and showing no partiality in the
treatment of her children, Frank never suspected that she was not his
sister. However, at the death of Mrs. Fowler, all this was related to
The children were left alone in the world. It seemed as though they
would have to go to the poorhouse but Frank could not become reconciled
to that.
A kind neighbor agreed to care for Grace, so Frank decided to start out
in the world to make his way.
He had many disappointments and hardships, but through his kindness to
an old man, his own relatives and right name were revealed to him.
A group of boys was assembled in an open field to the west of the public
schoolhouse in the town of Crawford. Most of them held hats in their
hands, while two, stationed sixty feet distant from each other, were
"having catch."
Tom Pinkerton, son of Deacon Pinkerton, had just returned from Brooklyn,
and while there had witnessed a match game between two professional
clubs. On his return he proposed that the boys of Crawford should
establish a club, to be known as the Excelsior Club of Crawford, to play
among themselves, and on suitable occasions to challenge clubs belonging

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