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Orlando Furioso
("Orlando Enraged")
Ludovico Ariosto
Translated by William Stewart Rose
This electronic edition was edited, proofed, and prepared by
Douglas B. Killings (DeTroyes@AOL.COM), July, 1995. Additional
corrections made September, 1995.
NOTE: Please let the preparer know of any textual errors that you
find; this edition has been proofed once, but I am finding
additional errors all the time.
This work is a continuation of the "Orlando Innamorato" of Matteo
Maria Boiardo, which was left unfinished upon the author's death
in 1494. It begins more or less at the point where Boiardo left
This is a brief synopsis of Boiardo's work, omitting most of the
numerous digressions and incidental episodes associated with
these events:
To the court of King Charlemagne comes Angelica (daughter to the
king of Cathay, or India) and her brother Argalia. Angelica is
the most beautiful woman any of the Peers have ever seen, and all
want her. However, in order to take her as wife they must first
defeat Argalia in combat. The two most stricken by her are
Orlando and Ranaldo ("Rinaldo" in Rose).
When Argalia falls to the heathen knight Ferrau, Angelica flees
-- with Orlando and Ranaldo in hot pursuit. Along the way, both
Angelica and Ranaldo drink magic waters -- Angelica is filled
with a burning love for Ranaldo, but Ranaldo is now indifferent.
Eventually, Orlando and Ranaldo arrive at Angelica's castle.
Others also gather at Angelica's castle, including Agricane, King

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