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Doing His Bit For Uncle Sam
I Past Memories
II Tom's Indifference
III Ned is Worried
IV Queer Doings
V "Is He a Slacker?"
VI Seeing Things
VII Up a Tree
VIII Detective Rad
IX A Night Test
X A Runaway Giant
XI Tom's Tank
XII Bridging a Gap
XIII Into a Trench
XIV The Ruined Factory
XV Across Country
XVI The Old Barn
XVII Veiled Threats
XVIII Ready for France
XIX Tom Is Missing
XX The Search
XXI A Prisoner
XXII Rescued
XXIV Camouflaged
XXV Foiled
Chapter I
Past Memories
Ceasing his restless walk up and down the room, Tom Swift strode to the
window and gazed across the field toward the many buildings, where
machines were turning out the products evolved from the brains of his
father and himself. There was a worried look on the face of the young
inventor, and he seemed preoccupied, as though thinking of something
far removed from whatever it was his eyes gazed upon.
"Well, I'll do it!" suddenly exclaimed Tom. "I don't want to, but I
will. It's in the line of 'doing my bit,' I suppose; but I'd rather it
was something else. I wonder--"
"Ha! Up to your old tricks, I see, Tom!" exclaimed a voice, in which
energy and friendliness mingled pleasingly. "Up to your old tricks!"
"Oh, hello, Mr. Damon!" cried Tom, turning to shake hands with an
elderly gentleman--that is, elderly in appearance but not in action,

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