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Thuvia, Maid of Mars
Edgar Rice Burroughs
I Carthoris and Thuvia
II Slavery
III Treachery
IV A Green Man's Captive
V The Fair Race
VI The Jeddak of Lothar
VII The Phantom Bowmen
VIII The Hall of Doom
IX The Battle in the Plain
X Kar Komak, the Bowman
XI Green Men and White Apes
XII To Save Dusar
XIII Turjun, the Panthan
XIV Kulan Tith's Sacrifice
Glossary of Names and Terms
Upon a massive bench of polished ersite beneath the gorgeous blooms
of a giant pimalia a woman sat. Her shapely, sandalled foot tapped
impatiently upon the jewel-strewn walk that wound beneath the
stately sorapus trees across the scarlet sward of the royal gardens
of Thuvan Dihn, Jeddak of Ptarth, as a dark-haired, red-skinned
warrior bent low toward her, whispering heated words close to her
"Ah, Thuvia of Ptarth," he cried, "you are cold even before the
fiery blasts of my consuming love! No harder than your heart, nor
colder is the hard, cold ersite of this thrice happy bench which
supports your divine and fadeless form! Tell me, O Thuvia of
Ptarth, that I may still hope--that though you do not love me now,
yet some day, some day, my princess, I--"
The girl sprang to her feet with an exclamation of surprise and
displeasure. Her queenly head was poised haughtily upon her smooth
red shoulders. Her dark eyes looked angrily into those of the man.

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