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The Moon Endureth
Tales and Fancies
John Buchan
From the Pentlands looking North and South
I The Company of the Marjolaine
Avignon 1759
II A Lucid Interval
The Shorter Catechism (revised version)
III The Lemnian
Atta's song
IV Space
Stocks and stones
V Streams of water in the South
The Gipsy's song to the lady Cassilis
VI The grove of Ashtaroth
Wood magic
VII The riding of Ninemileburn
Plain Folk
VIII The Kings of Orion
IX The green glen
The wise years
[Updater's note: Chapter 9 missing from etext]
X The rime of True Thomas
Around my feet the clouds are drawn
In the cold mystery of the dawn;
No breezes cheer, no guests intrude
My mossy, mist-clad solitude;
When sudden down the steeps of sky
Flames a long, lightening wind. On high
The steel-blue arch shines clear, and far,
In the low lands where cattle are,
Towns smoke. And swift, a haze, a gleam,--
The Firth lies like a frozen stream,
Reddening with morn. Tall spires of ships,
Like thorns about the harbour's lips,
Now shake faint canvas, now, asleep,
Their salt, uneasy slumbers keep;
While golden-grey, o'er kirk and wall,
Day wakes in the ancient capital.
Before me lie the lists of strife,
The caravanserai of life,
Whence from the gates the merchants go
On the world's highways; to and fro
Sail laiden ships; and in the street
The lone foot-traveller shakes his feet,

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