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The Enchanted Island of Yew
Whereon Prince Marvel Encountered the High Ki of Twi and Other
Surprising People
L. Frank Baum
Author of "The Wizard of Oz," "The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus,"
"The Magical Monarch of Mo," Etc.
1. Once On a Time
2. The Enchanted Isle
3. The Fairy Bower
4. Prince Marvel
5. The King of Thieves
6. The Troubles of Nerle
7. The Gray Men
8. The Fool-Killer
9. The Royal Dragon of Spor
10. Prince Marvel Wins His Fight
11. The Cunning of King Terribus
12. The Gift of Beauty
13. The Hidden Kingdom of Twi
14. The Ki and The Ki-Ki
15. The High Ki of Twi
16. The Rebellion of The High Ki
17. The Separation of The High Ki
18. The Rescue of The High Ki
19. The Reunion of The High Ki
20. Kwytoffle, the Tyrant
21. The Wonderful Book of Magic
22. The Queen of Plenta
23. The Red Rogue of Dawna
24. The Enchanted Mirrors
25. The Adventurers Separate
26. The End of the Year
27. A Hundred Years Afterward
1. "Once on a Time"
I am going to tell a story, one of those tales of astonishing
adventures that happened years and years and years ago. Perhaps you
wonder why it is that so many stories are told of "once on a time", and
so few of these days in which we live; but that is easily explained.
In the old days, when the world was young, there were no automobiles
nor flying-machines to make one wonder; nor were there railway trains,
nor telephones, nor mechanical inventions of any sort to keep people

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