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L. Frank Baum
Dedicated to
"The uplifters" of Los Angeles, California, in
grateful appreciation of the pleasure I have derived
from association with them, and in recognition of
their sincere endeavor to uplift humanity through
kindness, consideration and good-fellowship. They are
big men--all of them--and all with the generous
hearts of little children.
L. Frank Baum
The Army of Children which besieged the Postoffice, conquered the
Postmen and delivered to me its imperious Commands, insisted that Trot
and Cap'n Bill be admitted to the Land of Oz, where Trot could enjoy
the society of Dorothy, Betsy Bobbin and Ozma, while the one-legged
sailor-man might become a comrade of the Tin Woodman, the Shaggy Man,
Tik-Tok and all the other quaint people who inhabit this wonderful
It was no easy task to obey this order and land Trot and Cap'n Bill
safely in Oz, as you will discover by reading this book. Indeed, it
required the best efforts of our dear old friend, the Scarecrow, to
save them from a dreadful fate on the journey; but the story leaves
them happily located in Ozma's splendid palace and Dorothy has promised
me that Button-Bright and the three girls are sure to encounter, in the
near future, some marvelous adventures in the Land of Oz, which I hope
to be permitted to relate to you in the next Oz Book.
Meantime, I am deeply grateful to my little readers for their continued
enthusiasm over the Oz stories, as evinced in the many letters they

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