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by Hiram Corson
[This etext was prepared from a 1910 printing.
This third edition was originally published in 1886.]
Hiram Corson, LL.D., Professor of English Literature in the Cornell
University; Author of "An Introduction to the Study of Shakespeare", "A
Primer of English Verse, chiefly in its Aesthetic and Organic
Character", "The Aims of Literary Study", etc.
"Subtlest Assertor of the Soul in song."
{There are several Greek phrases in this book. ASCII cannot represent
the Greek characters, so if you are interested in these phrases,
use the following map. Hopefully these phrases will not be mistaken
for another language. . . .
ASCII to Greek
A,a alpha
B,b beta
G,g gamma
D,d delta
E,e epsilon
Z,z zeta
H,h eta
Q,q theta
I,i iota
K,k kappa
L,l lambda
M,m mi/mu
N,n ni/nu
J,j ksi/xi
O,o omikron/omicron
P,p pi
R,r rho
S,s,c sigma
T,t tau
U,u ypsilon/upsilon
F,f phi
X,x chi/khi
Y,y psi
W,w omega
',`,/,\,^ Accents, follow the vowel. You figure them out.}
{The following is transcribed from a letter (from Browning to Corson)
which Corson chose to use in facsimile form to begin his text.
Unfortunately (or fortunately), it will be regular text here.}

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