The Pickwick Papers - Charles Dickens - Страница 1 из 1156

By Charles Dickens
1. The Pickwickians
2. The first Day's Journey, and the first Evening's Adventures; with
their Consequences
3. A new Acquaintance--The Stroller's Tale--A disagreeable Interruption,
and an unpleasant Encounter
4. A Field Day and Bivouac--More new Friends--An Invitation to the
5. A short one--Showing, among other Matters, how Mr. Pickwick undertook
to drive, and Mr. Winkle to ride, and how they both did it
6. An old-fashioned Card-party--The Clergyman's verses--The Story of the
Convict's Return
7. How Mr. Winkle, instead of shooting at the Pigeon and killing the
Crow, shot at the Crow and wounded the Pigeon; how the Dingley Dell
Cricket Club played All-Muggleton, and how All-Muggleton dined at the
Dingley Dell Expense; with other interesting and instructive Matters
8. Strongly illustrative of the Position, that the Course of True Love
is not a Railway
9. A Discovery and a Chase
10. Clearing up all Doubts (if any existed) of the Disinterestedness of
Mr. A. Jingle's Character
11. Involving another Journey, and an Antiquarian Discovery; Recording
Mr. Pickwick's Determination to be present at an Election; and
containing a Manuscript of the old Clergyman's
12. Descriptive of a very important Proceeding on the Part of Mr.
Pickwick; no less an Epoch in his Life, than in this History
13. Some Account of Eatanswill; of the State of Parties therein; and of
the Election of a Member to serve in Parliament for that ancient, loyal,
and patriotic Borough

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