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The King's Jackal
The private terrace of the Hotel Grand Bretagne, at Tangier, was shaded
by a great awning of red and green and yellow, and strewn with colored
mats, and plants in pots, and wicker chairs. It reached out from the
Kings apartments into the Garden of Palms, and was hidden by them on
two sides, and showed from the third the blue waters of the
Mediterranean and the great shadow of Gibraltar in the distance.
The Sultan of Morocco had given orders from Fez that the King of
Messina, in spite of his incognito, should be treated during his stay
in Tangier with the consideration due to his rank, so one-half of the
Hotel Grand Bretagne had been set aside for him and his suite, and two
soldiers of the Bashaw's Guard sat outside of his door with drawn
swords. They were answerable with their heads for the life and safety
of the Sultan's guest, and as they could speak no language but their
own, they made a visit to his Majesty more a matter of adventure than
of etiquette.
Niccolas, the King's majordomo, stepped out upon the terrace and swept
the Mediterranean with a field-glass for the third time since sunrise.
He lowered it, and turned doubtfully toward the two soldiers.
"The boat from Gibraltar--has she arrived yet?" he asked.
The two ebony figures shook their heads stiffly, as though they
resented this introduction of a foreign language, and continued to
shake their heads as the servant addressed the same question to them in

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