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by Adelaide L. Fries
(Note on text: Italicized words or phrases are capitalized. A few
obvious errors have been corrected. Many German names with umlauts have
had the umlaut replaced with an 'e' following the vowel (according to
standard form) due to the limitations of ASCII. These names are noted in
the Index.)
Winston-Salem, N. C.
In the life of any individual, association, or nation, there will
probably be one or more occurrences which may be considered as success
or failure according to the dramatic features of the event and the
ultimate results. Of this the Battle of Bunker Hill is a striking
example. On the morning of June 17th, 1775, a force of British soldiers
attacked a small body of raw, ill-equipped American volunteers, who
had fortified a hill near Boston, and quickly drove them from their
position. By whom then was the Bunker Hill Monument erected? By the
victors in that first engagement of the Revolution? No, but by proud
descendants of the vanquished, whose broader view showed them
the incalculable benefits arising from that seeming defeat, which
precipitated the great struggle, forcing every man in the Colonies to
take a position squarely for or against the American Cause, convinced
the timid that only proper equipment would be needed to enable the
American army to hold its own against the foe, and taught the British
that they were dealing, not with hot-headed rebels who would run at
first sight of the dreaded "red coats", but with patriots who would

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