The History of The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire - Edward Gibbon - Страница 1 из 941

Produced by David Reed and Dale R. Fredrickson
Edward Gibbon, Esq.
With notes by the Rev. H. H. Milman
Vol. 6
1782 (Written), 1845 (Revised)
Transcriber's Note
This is the sixth volume of the six volumes of Edward Gibbon's History
Of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire. If you find any errors
please feel free to notify me of them. I want to make this the best
etext edition possible for both scholars and the general public. I
would like to thank those who have helped in making this text better.
Especially Dale R. Fredrickson who has hand entered the Greek characters
in the footnotes and who has suggested retaining the conjoined ae
character in the text. and are my
email addresses for now. Please feel free to send me your comments and I
hope you enjoy this.
David Reed
Chapter LIX: The Crusades.--Part I.
Preservation Of The Greek Empire.--Numbers, Passage, And
Event, Of The Second And Third Crusades.--St. Bernard.--
Reign Of Saladin In Egypt And Syria.--His Conquest Of
Jerusalem.--Naval Crusades.--Richard The First Of England.--
Pope Innocent The Third; And The Fourth And Fifth Crusades.--
The Emperor Frederic The Second.--Louis The Ninth Of
France; And The Two Last Crusades.--Expulsion Of The Latins
Or Franks By The Mamelukes.
In a style less grave than that of history, I should perhaps compare the

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