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<title> E-MAIL 101
If you like those little machines that give you 24 hour access to your
bank account, you'll love the Internet. I suppose there are still
people who, given a choice, will go to a drive-through teller just so
they can deal with a "live person" instead of a machine. But even those
people will admit that it is nice to have the option of doing things for
yourself, on your own schedule, anywhere. Do you remember what it was
like before automatic tellers? Banks closed at 3 p.m. on weekdays.
Each Saturday you had to guess how much money you would need for the
following week. If you were wrong you had to cash a check at a food
store (and maybe buy something you didn't want). And if you were out of
town? Well, there were always credit cards.
We don't do that anymore. I think many people go to the automatic
teller because they like the privacy of handling their own business

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