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Clarence Edgar Johnson
Copyright 1978
Clarence Edgar Johnson
2538 Chestnut
San Angelo, Texas 76901
Ima, my wife
Virgil Dennis, our first son
David Larry, our youngest son
and especially to our late daughter,
Anita Joyce.
1. Grandparents, Parents, And Our First Farm
2. Early Childhood At The Flint Farm
3. At The Exum Farm After I Was Five
4. Social Living, Loving, Listening, And Learning
5. Books, Folklore, Medicine, And Dreams
6. Prosperity, Animals, Growing Up
7. Dry Year On The Texas Plains, 1917
8. Moved To Jones County. Picked Cotton In Oklahoma
9. Back To Our Lamesa Farm In 1919. School At Ballard
10. Sold Farm, Moved To Hamlin
11. Road Work At Gorman, Texas
12. My Inventions And High School Days
13. My Travels To The Gulf, McCamey, And Denver
14. Haul Maize, Repair Trucks, Turn Trucks Over
15. Got Married, Drove Truck, Farmed, Cattle Drive
16. At Royston Until World War II
17. World War II Was On. We Went to California
18. Back At Royston. Worked At Gin And For Neighbors
19. Tour Pike's Peak, Moved To Arkansas, Went To College
This writing grew out of a request from my daughter, Anita, that
I write to her concerning me, my family, my parents and their
families; how we lived, how we grew up; our ideals, our customs,
and our social life.
The original writings were in the form of letters written to
Anita during the last few years. When my sons, Dennis and Larry,
learned of the letters, they also asked for copies.

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