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The Hitchhikers Guide to the Internet
25 August 1987
Ed Krol
This document was produced through funding of the National
Science Foundation.
Copyright (C) 1987, by the Board of Trustees of The University
of Illinois. Permission to duplicate this document, in whole
or part, is granted provided reference is made to the source
and this copyright is included in whole copies.
This document assumes that one is familiar with the workings
of a non-connected simple IP network (e.g. a few 4.2 BSD
systems on an Ethernet not connected to anywhere else).
Appendix A contains remedial information to get one to this
point. Its purpose is to get that person, familiar with a
simple net, versed in the "oral tradition" of the Internet
to the point that that net can be connected to the Internet
with little danger to either. It is not a tutorial, it
consists of pointers to other places, literature, and hints
which are not normally documented. Since the Internet is a
dynamic environment, changes to this document will be made
regularly. The author welcomes comments and suggestions.
This is especially true of terms for the glossary (definitions
are not necessary).
In the beginning there was the ARPAnet, a wide area
experimental network connecting hosts and terminal servers
together. Procedures were set up to regulate the allocation
of addresses and to create voluntary standards for the network.

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