In the Days When the World Was Wide and Other Verses - Henry Lawson - Страница 1 из 105

(2 ed.)
by Henry Lawson
[Australian house-painter, author and poet -- 1867-1922.]
[Note on text: Italicized stanzas will be indented 5 spaces.
Italicized stanzas that are ALREADY indented will be indented 10 spaces.
Italicized words and phrases have been capitalized.
Lines longer than 75 characters have been broken according to metre,
and the continuation is indented two spaces. Also,
some obvious errors, after being confirmed against other sources,
have been corrected. This etext was prepared from a 1913 printing.]
[Note on content: Banjo Paterson and Henry Lawson were writing for
the Sydney 'Bulletin' in 1892 when Lawson suggested a 'duel' of poetry
to increase the number of poems they could sell to the paper.
It was apparently entered into in all fun, though there are reports
that Lawson was bitter about it later. 'Up the Country'
and 'The City Bushman', included in this selection,
were two of Lawson's contributions to the debate. Please note
that this is the revised edition of 1900. Therefore, even though this book
was originally published in 1896, it includes two poems not published
until 1899 ('The Sliprails and the Spur' and 'Past Carin'').]
First Edition printed February 1896,
Reprinted August 1896, October 1896, March 1898, and November 1898;
Revised Edition, January 1900;
Reprinted May 1903, February 1910, June 1912, and July 1913.
Most of the verses contained in this volume were first published in the

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