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Coming Of Age In A Destructive Cult
by Mark E. Laxer
Copyright 1993 by Mark E. Laxer
Take Me For A Ride
* * *
One flew east,
One flew west,
One flew over the
cuckoo's nest.
--Childhood nursery rhyme
quoted in One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
by Ken Kesey
Fly me over the cuckoo's nest,
To your *golden* side,
I don't care if you're the cuckoo--
Take me for a ride...
TAKE ME FOR A RIDE Coming Of Age In A Destructive Cult
by Mark E. Laxer
1993 Outer Rim Press Copyright 1993 by Mark E. Laxer
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Grateful acknowledgment is made to Simon & Schuster,
Inc., for permission to reprint an excerpt from Gandhi:
A Memoir by William Shirer. Copyright (c) 1979 by William Shirer.
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 93-085777
ISBN 0-9638108-3-9
Initially printed and posted in the United States of America
To Patsy Sims--inspired teacher, intriguing storyteller,
intrepid journalist.
Author's Note
Names in the following story have been changed, except for those
already mentioned in the press.

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