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The Chinese Nightingale and Other Poems,
Vachel Lindsay.
[Nicholas Vachel Lindsay, Illinois Poet. 1879-1931.]
[Note on text: Italicized words or phrases capitalized.
Italicized stanzas are indented 5 spaces. Some errors have been
corrected. Lines longer than 78 characters are broken according
to metre, and the continuation is indented two spaces.]
The Chinese Nightingale and Other Poems
Vachel Lindsay
Author of "The Congo", "General William Booth Enters Into Heaven",
"Adventures While Preaching the Gospel of Beauty", etc.
This Book is Dedicated to Sara Teasdale, Poet
Harriet Monroe awarded the Levinson Prize to "The Chinese Nightingale",
as the best contribution to "Poetry: A Magazine of Verse",
for the year 1915.
Table of Contents
First Section
The Chinese Nightingale
Second Section
America Watching the War, August, 1914, to April, 1917
Where Is the Real Non-resistant?
Here's to the Mice!
When Bryan Speaks
To Jane Addams at the Hague
I. Speak Now for Peace
II. Tolstoi Is Plowing Yet
The Tale of the Tiger Tree
The Merciful Hand
Third Section
America at War with Germany, Beginning April, 1917
Our Mother Pocahontas
Concerning Emperors
Mark Twain and Joan of Arc
The Bankrupt Peace Maker
"This, My Song, is made for Kerensky"
Fourth Section
Tragedies, Comedies, and Dreams
Our Guardian Angels and Their Children
Epitaphs for Two Players
I. Edwin Booth
II. John Bunny, Motion Picture Comedian

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