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| By Vachel Lindsay |
| |
| The Congo and Other Poems |
| General William Booth Enters into Heaven |
| The Art of the Moving Picture |
| Adventures While Preaching the Gospel of Beauty |
General William Booth Enters into Heaven and Other Poems
Vachel Lindsay
[Nicholas Vachel Lindsay, Illinois Poet--1879-1931]
[This etext has been transcribed from a 1916 reprint (New York)
of the original 1913 edition.]
This book is dedicated to
Dr. Arthur Paul Wakefield
Olive Lindsay Wakefield
Missionaries in China
General William Booth Enters into Heaven
The Drunkards in the Street
The City That Will Not Repent
The Trap
Where is David, the Next King of Israel?
On Reading Omar Khayyam
The Beggar's Valentine
Honor Among Scamps
The Gamblers
On the Road to Nowhere
Upon Returning to the Country Road
The Angel and the Clown
Springfield Magical
The Wedding of the Rose and the Lotos
King Arthur's Men Have Come Again
Foreign Missions in Battle Array
Star of My Heart
Look You, I'll Go Pray

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