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Nakashima Tadashi
Copyright (c) 1996 By Nakashima Tadashi
Translation from the Japanese of "Toshi wo Horobose," first
serialized in the periodical Kankyo Hakai, reprinted in 1992 in
book form by the Japan Communal Society Association, and
republished as a commercially available book in 1994 by Maijisha
Publishing Co. This translation is of the earliest version, and
does not reflect subsequent updates, additions, and changes by
the author.
Permission for posting on Project Gutenberg has been securied by
the translator from all concerned parties. This translation is
to be distributed freely throughout the world to anyone at all,
and is not to be sold for commercial profit.
Mr. Nakashima (born 1920) is a self-sufficient farmer in the
hill country of Gifu Prefecture, Japan. He entered the Army in
1939, and was in Taiwan at the end of the war. In 1945 he
returned to his family farm and began farming. In 1954 Mr.
Nakashima began raising free-range chickens, and embarked on the
long process of developing his method of producing "natural
eggs," for which he is now well known in Japan. About 1975 he
started studying the writings of the Edo Period thinker Ando
Shoeki. He has also written a book entitled "Minomushi Kakumei --
Dokuritsu Noumin no Sho" (The Bagworm Revolution -- A Book for
Independent Farmers). The author has also written and published
extensively on free-range chicken farming.
The order of Japanese personal names follows East Asian custom:
surname followed by given name.

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