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by Andrew Barton 'Banjo' Paterson and by Knott Gold
[Australian Poet, Reporter--1864-1941.]
1917 Edition
[Note on text: These stories appeared originally in several
Australian journals.]
Three Elephant Power
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Sitting in Judgment
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Victor Second
Concerning a Dog-fight
His Masterpiece
Done for the Double by Knott Gold
"Them things," said Alfred the chauffeur, tapping the speed indicator
with his fingers, "them things are all right for the police. But, Lord,
you can fix 'em up if you want to. Did you ever hear about Henery, that
used to drive for old John Bull--about Henery and the elephant?"
Alfred was chauffeur to a friend of mine who owned a very powerful car.
Alfred was part of that car. Weirdly intelligent, of poor physique, he
might have been any age from fifteen to eighty. His education had been
somewhat hurried, but there was no doubt as to his mechanical ability.
He took to a car like a young duck to water. He talked motor, thought
motor, and would have accepted--I won't say with enthusiasm, for
Alfred's motto was 'Nil admirari'--but without hesitation, an offer to
drive in the greatest race in the world. He could drive really well,

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