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NREN for All:
Insurmountable Opportunity
c. 1993 Jean Armour Polly
Manager of Network Development and User Training
NYSERNet, Inc.
This was originally published in the February 1, 1993 issue of
Library Journal (volume 118, n. 2, pp 38-41).
It may be freely reprinted for educational use, please let me know if you
are redistributing it, I like to know if it's useful and where it's been.
Please do not sell it, and keep this message intact.
When Senator Al Gore was evangelizing support for his visionary
National Research and Education Network bill, he often pointed to
the many benefits of a high-speed, multi-lane, multi-level data
superhighway. Some of these included:
-- collaborating research teams, physically distant from each other,
working on shared projects via high speed computer networks.
Some of these "grand challenges" might model global environmental
change, or new therapeutic drug research, or the design of a new
airplane for inexpensive consumer air travel.
-- a scientist or engineer might design a product, which could be
instantly communicated to a manufacturing plant, whose robotic
machine could turn the drawing-board product into reality. One example
of this is the capability to digitally measure a new recruit for an
army uniform, transmit the information to a clothing manufacturer,
and take delivery of a custom-tailored uniform the next day.
-- access to digital libraries of information, both textual and graphic.
Besides hundreds of online public access catalogs, and full text

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