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The First Book of Adam and Eve
by Rutherford Platt
Chapter I - The crystal sea, God commands Adam, expelled from Eden, to
live in the Cave of Treasures.
Chapter II - Adam and Eve faint when they leave the Garden. God sends
His Word to encourage them.
Chapter III - Concerning the promise of the great five and a half days.
Chapter IV - Adam mourns over the changed conditions. Adam and Eve
enter the Cave of Treasures.
Chapter V - Eve makes a noble and emotional intercession, taking the
blame on herself.
Chapter VI - God's reprimand to Adam and Eve in which he points out how
and why they sinned.
Chapter VII - The beasts are appeased.
Chapter VIII - The "Bright Nature" of man is taken away.
Chapter IX - Water from the Tree of Life. Adam and Eve near drowning.
Chapter X - Their bodies need water after they leave the garden.
Chapter XI - A recollection of the glorious days in the Garden.
Chapter XII - How darkness came between Adam and Eve.
Chapter XIII - The fall of Adam. Why night and day were created.
Chapter XIV - The earliest prophesy of the coming of Christ.
Chapter XV - Adam and Eve grieve over the suffering of God to save them
from their sins.
Chapter XVI - The first sunrise. Adam and Eve think it is a fire
coming to burn them.
Chapter XVII - The Chapter of the Serpent.
Chapter XVIII - The mortal combat with the serpent.
Chapter XIX - Beasts made subject to Adam.
Chapter XX - Adam wishes to protect Eve.
Chapter XXI - Adam and Eve attempt suicide.

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