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By Susanna Haswell Rowson
CHAPTER I. A Boarding School.
CHAPTER II. Domestic Concerns.
CHAPTER III. Unexpected Misfortunes.
CHAPTER IV. Change of Fortune.
CHAPTER V. Such Things Are.
CHAPTER VI. An Intriguing Teacher.
CHAPTER VII. Natural Sense of Propriety Inherent in the Female Bosom.
CHAPTER VIII. Domestic Pleasures Planned.
CHAPTER IX. We Know Not What a Day May Bring Forth.
CHAPTER X. When We Have Excited Curiosity, It Is But an Act of
Good Nature to Gratify it.
CHAPTER XI. Conflict of Love and Duty.
CHAPTER XII. Nature's last, best gift: Creature in whom excell'd,
whatever could To sight or thought be nam'd! Holy, divine! good,
amiable, and sweet! How thou art falln'!--
CHAPTER XIII. Cruel Disappointment.
CHAPTER XIV. Maternal Sorrow.
CHAPTER XV. Embarkation.
CHAPTER XVI. Necessary Digression.
CHAPTER XVIII. Reflections.
CHAPTER XIX. A Mistake Discovered.
CHAPTER XX. Virtue never appears so amiable as when reaching forth her
hand to raise a fallen sister. Chapter of Accidents.
CHAPTER XXI. Teach me to feel another's woe, To hide the fault I see,
That mercy I to others show That mercy show to me. POPE.
CHAPTER XXII. Sorrows of the Heart.
CHAPTER XXIII. A Man May Smile, and Smile, and Be a Villain.
CHAPTER XXIV. Mystery Developed.
CHAPTER XXV. Reception of a Letter.
CHAPTER XXVI. What Might Be Expected.
CHAPTER XXVII. Pensive she mourn'd, and hung her languid head, Like a
fair lily overcharg'd with dew.
CHAPTER XXVIII. A Trifling Retrospect.

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