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William Gibson Interview
by Giuseppe Salza
Copyright Giuseppe Salza, 1994.
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by Giuseppe Salza
****This interview will be included in the book "Net-Surfers"
(tentative title) by Giuseppe Salza, to be published by
"Theoria Edizioni" in Italy in Spring 1995****
CANNES. William Gibson was in Cannes in May 1994 to promote
the filming of "Johnny Mnemonic", a $26 million science fiction
movie based on his short story, and starring megastar Keanu
Reeves as the main character. Directed by the concept artist (and
Gibson's pal) Robert Longo - with a few music video and TV credits,
but for the first time in charge of a feature, the film also stars Ice-T,
Dolph Lundgren, Takeshi Kitano (of the cult "Sonatine"), Udo Kier,
Henry Rollins and Dina Meyer. William Gibson also wrote the
screenplay of his original story, which was published in the anthology
"Burning Chrome". "Johnny Mnemonic" goes into wide release
in current 1995.
In this interview, William Gibson talks at length about "Johnny

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