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The Blue lagoon: A Romance
by H. de Vere Stacpoole
Introduction to the Project Gutenberg text of H. de Vere Stacpoole's
The Blue Lagoon: A Romance
by Edward A. Malone
University of Missouri-Rolla
Born on April 9, 1863, in Kingstown, Ireland, Henry de Vere Stacpoole
grew up in a household dominated by his mother and three older sisters.
William C. Stacpoole, a doctor of divinity from Trinity College and
headmaster of Kingstown school, died some time before his son's eighth
birthday, leaving the responsibility of supporting the family to his
Canadian-born wife, Charlotte Augusta Mountjoy Stacpoole. At a young
age, Charlotte had been led out of the Canadian backwoods by her
widowed mother and taken to Ireland, where their relatives lived. This
experience had strengthened her character and prepared her for single
Charlotte cared passionately for her children and was perhaps overly
protective of her son. As a child, Henry suffered from severe
respiratory problems, misdiagnosed as chronic bronchitis by his
physician, who in the winter of 1871 advised that the boy be taken to
Southern France for his health. With her entire family in tow,
Charlotte made the long journey from Kingstown to London to Paris,
where signs of the Franco-Prussian War were still evident, settling at
last in Nice at the Hotel des Iles Britannique. Nice was like paradise
to Henry, who marveled at the city's affluence and beauty as he played
in the warm sun.
After several more excursions to the continent, Stacpoole was sent to

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