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Samuel Smiles
"Men there have been, ignorant of letters; without art, without
eloquence; who yet had the wisdom to devise and the courage to perform
that which they lacked language to explain. Such men have worked the
deliverance of nations and their own greatness. Their hearts are their
books; events are their tutors; great actions are their
CHAPTER I Phineas Pett:
Beginnings of English Shipbuilding
CHAPTER II Francis Pettit Smith:
Practical Introducer of the Screw Propeller
CHAPTER III John Harrison:
Inventor of the Marine Chronometer
CHAPTER IV John Lombe:
Introducer of the Silk Industry into England
CHAPTER V William Murdock:
His Life and Inventions
CHAPTER VI Frederick Koenig:
Inventor of the Steam-printing Machine
CHAPTER VII The Walters of 'The Times':
Inventor of the Walter Press
CHAPTER VIII William Clowes:
Book-printing by Steam
CHAPTER IX Charles Bianconi:
A Lesson of Self-Help in Ireland
CHAPTER X Industry in Ireland:
Through Connaught and Ulster to Belfast
CHAPTER XI Shipbuilding in Belfast:
By Sir E. J. Harland, Engineer and Shipbuilder
CHAPTER XII Astronomers and students in humble life:
A new Chapter in the 'Pursuit of Knowledge under Difficulties'
I offer this book as a continuation of the memoirs of men of invention
and industry published some years ago in the 'Lives of Engineers,'
'Industrial Biography,' and 'Self-Help.'
The early chapters relate to the history of a very important branch of

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