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Codex Junius 11
(Author unknown)
This file contains translations from the Anglo-Saxon of the
following works: "Genesis A", "Genesis B", "Exodus", "Daniel",
and "Christ and Satan". All are works found in the manuscript of
Anglo-Saxon verse known as "Junius 11."
These works were originally written in Anglo-Saxon, sometime
between the 7th and 10th Centuries A.D. Although sometimes
ascribed to the poet Caedmon (fl. late 7th Century), it is
generally thought that these poems do not represent the work of
one single poet.
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GENESIS (Genesis A & B)
NOTE: This work is generally believed to be a composite of two
separate poems, usually referred to as "Genesis A" (or "The
Earlier Genesis") and "Genesis B" (or "The Later Genesis").
"Genesis A" is the work at lines #1-234 and #852-2935; "Genesis
B" is interpolated into "Genesis A" at lines #235-851.

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