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The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle
Originally compiled on the orders of King Alfred the Great,
approximately A.D. 890, and subsequently maintained and added to
by generations of anonymous scribes until the middle of the 12th
Century. The original language is Anglo-Saxon (Old English), but
later entries are essentially Middle English in tone.
Translation by Rev. James Ingram (London, 1823), with additional
readings from the translation of Dr. J.A. Giles (London, 1847).
At present there are nine known versions or fragments of the
"Anglo-Saxon Chronicle" in existence, all of which vary
(sometimes greatly) in content and quality. The translation that
follows is not a translation of any one Chronicle; rather, it is
a collation of readings from many different versions.
The nine known "Anglo-Saxon Chronicle" MS. are the following:
A-Prime The Parker Chronicle (Corpus Christi College,
Cambridge, MS. 173)
A Cottonian Fragment (British Museum, Cotton MS. Otho B
xi, 2)
B The Abingdon Chronicle I (British Museum, Cotton MS.
Tiberius A vi.)
C The Abingdon Chronicle II (British Museum, Cotton MS.
Tiberius B i.)
D The Worcester Chronicle (British Museum, Cotton MS.
Tiberius B iv.)
E The Laud (or "Peterborough") Chronicle (Bodleian, MS.
Laud 636)
F The Bilingual Canterbury Epitome (British Museum,

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