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This is a collection of mathematical constants...
These numbers have been downloaded from:
An index of high precision tables of functions can be found at:
You can find information about some of the constants below at:
Thank you to Simon Plouffe (from Simon Fraser University)
for his kind permission to distribute this collection of constants.
1-6/(Pi^2) to 5000 digits.
1/log(2) the inverse of the natural logarithm of 2 to 2000 places.
1/sqrt(2*Pi) to 1024 digits.
sum(1/2^(2^n),n=0..infinity). to 1024 digits.
3/(Pi*Pi) to 2000 digits.
arctan(1/2) to 1000 digits.
The Artin's Constant = product(1-1/(p**2-p),p=prime)
The Backhouse constant
The Berstein Constant
The Catalan Constant
The Champernowne Constant
Copeland-Erdos constant
cos(1) to 15000 digits.
The cube root of 3 to 2000 places.
2**(1/3) to 2000 places
Zeta(1,2) ot the derivative of Zeta function at 2.
The Dubois-Raymond constant
exp(1/e) to 2000 places.
Gompertz (1825) constant
exp(2) to 5000 digits.
exp(E) to 2000 places.
exp(-1)**exp(-1) to 2000 digits.
The exp(gamma) to 1024 places.
exp(-exp(1)) to 1024 digits.
exp(-gamma) to 500 digits.
exp(-1) =
exp(Pi) to 5000 digits.
exp(-Pi/2) also i**i to 2000 digits.

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