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By Various
Margaret Sydney, Susan Coolidge, Joaquin Miller, Mrs. Amy Therese
Powelson, Etc.
We went to the show one night,
And it certainly was a great sight,
This tiger to see,
Fierce as he could be,
And roaring with all his might.
The Christmas chimes are pealing high
Beneath the solemn Christmas sky,
And blowing winds their notes prolong
Like echoes from an angel's song;
Good will and peace, peace and good will
Ring out the carols glad and gay,
Telling the heavenly message still
That Christ the Child was born to-day.
In lowly hut and palace hall
Peasant and king keep festival,
And childhood wears a fairer guise,
And tenderer shine all mother-eyes;
The aged man forgets his years,
The mirthful heart is doubly gay,
The sad are cheated of their tears,
For Christ the Lord was born to-day.
They sat on the curbing
In a crowded row--
Two little maids
And one little beau,--
Watching to see
The big Elephant go
By in the street parade;
But when it came past,
Of maids there were none,
For down a by-street
They cowardly run,
While one little beau
Made all manner of fun--
Of the Elephant he wasn't afraid.
One hundred years' and one ago, in Boston, at ten of the clock one April
night, a church steeple had been climbed and a lantern hung out.

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