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Sketches from the Life of a Free Black, In A Two-Story White House,
by "OUR NIG."
Dedicated to Pauline Augusta Coleman Gates and Henry Louis Gates, Sr.
In Memory of Marguerite Elizabeth Howard Coleman, and Gertrude Helen
Redman Gates
"I know
That care has iron crowns for many brows;
That Calvaries are everywhere, whereon
Virtue is crucified, and nails and spears
Draw guiltless blood; that sorrow sits and drinks
At sweetest hearts, till all their life is dry;
That gentle spirits on the rack of pain
Grow faint or fierce, and pray and curse by turns;
That hell's temptations, clad in heavenly guise
And armed with might, lie evermore in wait
Along life's path, giving assault to all."--HOLLAND.
IN offering to the public the following pages, the writer confesses her
inability to minister to the refined and cultivated, the pleasure
supplied by abler pens. It is not for such these crude narrations
appear. Deserted by kindred, disabled by failing health, I am forced to
some experiment which shall aid me in maintaining myself and child
without extinguishing this feeble life. I would not from these motives
even palliate slavery at the South, by disclosures of its appurtenances
North. My mistress was wholly imbued with SOUTHERN principles. I do not
pretend to divulge every transaction in my own life, which the
unprejudiced would declare unfavorable in comparison with treatment of

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