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The Wrongs of Woman
After the edition of 1798
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Preface by William S. Godwin
Author's Preface
The Wrongs of Woman
THE PUBLIC are here presented with the last literary attempt of an
author, whose fame has been uncommonly extensive, and whose talents have
probably been most admired, by the persons by whom talents are estimated
with the greatest accuracy and discrimination. There are few, to whom
her writings could in any case have given pleasure, that would have
wished that this fragment should have been suppressed, because it is
a fragment. There is a sentiment, very dear to minds of taste and
imagination, that finds a melancholy delight in contemplating these
unfinished productions of genius, these sketches of what, if they had
been filled up in a manner adequate to the writer's conception, would
perhaps have given a new impulse to the manners of a world.
The purpose and structure of the following work, had long formed a

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