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by Martha Young
Two Little Elizabeths:
Elizabeth Young
Elizabeth Magruder
If I were just to tell the things that Bessie Bell remembered I should
tell you some very strange things. Bessie Bell did not know whether
she remembered them, or just knew them, or whether they just grew,
those strange things in some strange country that never was anywhere in
the world; for when Bessie Bell tried to tell about those strange
things great grown wise people said: "No, no, Bessie Bell, there is
nothing in the world like that."
So Bessie Bell just remembered and wondered.
She remembered how somewhere, sometime, there was a window where you
could look out and see everything green, little and green, and always
changing and moving, away, away--beyond everything little, and green,
and moving all the time. But great grown wise folks said: "No, there
is no window in all the world like that."
And once when some one gave Bessie Bell a little round red apple she
caught her breath very quickly and her little heart jumped and then
thumped very loudly (that is the way it seemed to her) and she
remembered: Little apple trees all just alike, and little apple trees
in rows all just alike on top of those and again on top of those until
they came to a great row of big round red apples on top of all.
Rut great grown people said: "No, no, Bessie Bell, there are no apple
trees in all the world like that."
And one time Bessie Bell was at a pretty house and somebody sat her on

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